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Rayzor 09-07-2016 03:37 PM

92 Sens. Birth of a Army
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After 58 years of waiting, NHL welcomes back the Ottawa Senators.
In this rewrite of the Sens History, I will draft players that the Sens have never drafted.
I will start by using the default roster that comes when starting a new historical game. Here we go, lets see what happens.

1992-93 (8-73-3)
Points Leader: Alexei Yashin (49)
Goal Leader: Alexei Yashin (22)
Assits Leader: Jeff Lazaro (29)
GAA Leader: Daniel Berthiaume (4.44)
Wins Leader: Peter Sidorkiewicz (7)
Save % Leader: Daniel Berthiaume (.893)
SO Leader: Peter Sidorkiewicz (1)

Sens finish with the worst record off all time in the NHL by loosing 5 more games then the 1974-75 Washington Capitals.
We would have gotten the 1st pick overall but Florida & the Mighty Ducks joined the league.

FHM Stanley Cup Winner: Vancouver Canucks 4 v. Montreal Canadians 1
Real Stanley Cup Winner: Montreal Canadians 4 v. Los Angeles Kings 1

Rayzor 09-07-2016 03:59 PM

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1993-94 off season saw the major trade between the Calgary Flames & Ottawa Senators, with Ottawa getting Trevor Kidd for Mike Peluso. It was a great trade for Ottawa they improved by 24 wins in year 2 & your GAA dropped by 1.9 from 5.2 GA to 3.3 GA.

1993-94 (32-47-5)
Points Leader: Norm Maciver (61)
Goal Leader: Bob Kudelski & Alexei Yashin (26)
Assist Leader: Norm Maciver (47)
GAA Leader: Trevor Kidd (3.12)
Wins Leaders: Trevor Kidd (27)
Save% Leader: Trevor Kidd (.902)
SO Leader: Trevor Kidd (4)
Top 3 Draft Picks: Chris Ponger (1rd - 3rd Pick), Jason Arnott (2rd - 29th Pick), Valeri Bure (3rd - 55th Pick)

FHM Stanley Cup Winners: Pittsburgh Penguins 4 v Detroit Red Wings 0
Real Stanley Cup Winner:New York Rangers 4 v. Vancouver Canucks 3

Rayzor 09-15-2016 06:51 AM

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After a great 2nd season Ottawa had high hopes on a playoff spot in year 3, but then players went on strike, after many months they finally agreed on a nw deal, but some players felt they got shafted with this new deal & there play on the ice reflected it. The Ottawa GM tried his best to improve the team, even bring in Gretzky...Brett that is.....to help with the score, but it would not help in 48 games they only got 6 wins.

1994-95 (6-33-9)
Points Leader: Brent Gretzky (29)
Goal Leader: Jason Arnott (15)
Assist Leader: Norm Maciver (25)
GAA Leader: Darrin Madeley (2.85)
Wins Leaders: Trevor Kidd (5)
Save% Leader: Darrin Madeley (.922)
SO Leader: None
Top 3 Draft Picks: Joakim Eriksson (1-5), Brett Lindros (2-31), Alexander Kharitonov (3-55)

FHM Stanley Cup Winners: Detroit Red Wings 4 v. Pittsburgh Penguins 3
Real Stanley Cup Winner: New Jersey Devils 4 v Detroit Red Wings 0

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