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BullLeague 09-14-2016 03:02 PM

Bull Oceanic League
To pass the time during the fall, the Bull League is starting up a small, short-season Australia/New Zealand based pro league called the Bull Oceanic League.

There are 14 or 15 teams available, for more info email: commish@bullleague.org

Coles notes: Fictional. DH league with 16 teams total, in two subleagues each with a single table. All Star Game and two rounds of playoffs (1 wildcard in each league + 1 division leader playoff for Australian and NZ championships, then a BOL championship). No minor leagues - reserve rosters apply. Same universe as the Bull League, so plenty of free agents with depth and experience available.

The regular Bull League has ended it's 2016 and we are now in the offseason, but now is a good time to join that one as well and get some wheeling and dealing going before the 2017 season.

Ray "The Commish"

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