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mochuck 11-05-2015 11:23 PM

Draft class dissapears again
Started league in 68... made sure expansion draft was checked... that part is working now... but I get to the 75 ammy draft.... and nothing... not 1 player
shows up on draft list....anyone else have these type problems?

JeffR 11-06-2015 03:12 AM

Looks like it's actually a setting in the 74 draft that needs changing in the database - the league drafted 19-year-olds that year and then went back to 20 as the minimum in 75, and right now the game is making all the 19-year-olds that are passed over in 1974 ineligible for the 1975 draft. I'll make a change so that doesn't happen, it'll be in the next update.

AEWHistory 07-15-2016 11:10 AM

I'm going to resuscitate this old thread because I think this is what is going on in my game. I started a league in 73-74 and had my first draft in '74. That draft was mad deep. Now I'm at the '75 draft and there are 35 players, none of whom have more than 2.5 stars for potential, let alone ability. This sounds the the bug mentioned above where much of a draft disappears, but I'm not sure.

tem316 08-30-2016 05:22 AM

Jeff, I have put in a ticket to support on a similiar problem. I get to 1975 and only have five players in my draft pool. Caps replay from expansion draft in 1974. Had not received a response yet, but for "kicks and giggles" tried the same league a second time, same result.

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