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jazzrack 12-31-2013 11:07 PM

Corporate League Coverage
commissioner of Corporate League Baseball here, we do a webcast that covers the goings on in 3 on-line leagues & we now cover the GCL. it is amateurish stuff of course and with the bang on my head 6 weeks ago I am wayyyyyyy behind on prep work for proper coverage, but no use crying over spilt milk, we will work with what we have and something is better than nothing.

Corporate Baseball Webcast #11 - YouTube
if any of the participants (or other commish's) would like to sit down and have a conversation please send me a note and we'll work out the details

I will also post updates from our representative in the GCL


Hey guys here is a quick update of the GCL goings on. Positive for the most part. Corporate League are posting an early record of 6 wins with no loses. Our offense is pretty good so far. For the most part our pitching is holding its own. Our LF Ramon Gomez is leading the league with .917 SLG,1.417 OPS,12 RBI,22 TB,and WAR rating of 0.8. Gomez is posting 2nd with Hits and HR and 3rd in Batting average .458 also 3rd in OBA,XBH,and ISO. Our Catcher Gabriel De La Cruz leads league with 5 2B and 7 XBH. He also comes in 2nd with 20 Total Bases and in the top 5 in 3 other Offensive Categories. Our SS Robert Taylor leads with 2 Triples. As far as our Pitching our SP Jon Cates has 2 wins in 2 start throwing 17 innings. Cates leads the league with 25 Strike outs (9 more than the 2nd most) and also leads with 13.24 K/9 , 25.00 K/BB and a WAR of 1.3. Tim Gibson our Closer is leading the league with 4 saves. Also MR Milton Pierce picked up 2 wins in 6 innings of excellent relief work. The Corp are 2nd in Home Runs,3rd in Runs Scored,4th in Batting Average,5th in Stolen Bases as the Offense helps us move towards a Championship Ring. Well that is it for now but more to come. Thanks for listening, Maine Yank

jazzrack 01-02-2014 11:02 PM


After nine games Corp has a 7-2 record. One of the 2 loses was by one run. It was a 1-0 loss in which SP Chris McGee pitched 8 strong innings while giving up just 5 hits all singles and 1 walk. The run was scored on 2 singles in the 3rd inning ugh. Corp was #1 in the Weekly Team Power Ratings and LF Ramon Gomez captured the GCL Player of the Week Award batting at a .414 clip (12 for 29) while hitting 3 homers and collecting 12 RBIs. We had one loss to FOBL getting beat 10-5. The Pitcher SP Keven Lambert got slammed with 3 Homers given up for a total of 6 in his 2 starts. This has prompted Corp to send Lambert down to our AAA club the Oxnard Crusaders where hopefully he can refine his pitching and make his way back up again. Corp has SP Jim Martin tabbed to replace Lambert. Corp has brought up Hunter "Polar Bear" McKenzie to fill in Martin's Reliever position. Well now it is on to a Home Series against a 6-3 ITDB team which has the top rated Relief squad so hopefully we can come up big against their Starters. Corp is leading league with 13 Stolen Bases (Speed kills). More to come Thanks for listening , Maine Yank

jazzrack 01-03-2014 09:04 PM


Oh no Corp hit a small speed bump but remain 1 game out of 1st place in the Palkowski Division with an 8-4 record (4 game losing streak). We went 1 for 3 against ITDB. The worst of my fears happened when we could not muster up much in the 1st 2 games against the ITDB Starters and the Pen came in and shut us down. Again we lost a game that we might have could have won. The first game of this Series we lost 3-1 in the 10th inning when our Set up man Dan Parker allowed 3 walks (1 was intentional) and 2 hits first being a single by CF Kirk and after striking out the second batter up came LF Daniel with a line drive Double scoring Kirk for the go ahead run and as it turns out winning run. Then after the Double Parker intentionally walked DH Moorthy and immediately caught Daniel stealing 3rd base. 1B Jim Thomas reached on an error by LF Miguel Aguirre (Whom usually picks the ball up well off the bat) sending Moorthy to 3rd. Parker finishes up by walking the next two batters allowing Moorthy to score the second run of the inning and then finally ends the misery by striking out the next batter. In the bottom of the tenth we went down 1-2-3. In the second loss (4-2) Corp's SP Jon Cates did not look right giving up 4 runs on 9 hits and 5 walks in 6.2 innings work. The positives here was Cates struck out 7 batters giving him 32 on the Season keeping him in the league lead in that category. Another positive is that RP Scott O'Farrell threw 2.1 innings of no hit and walks with 2 strike outs keeping his ERA at 0.00. Then it happened the 3rd game we finally got to ITDB Starter for 7 runs and our SP Dave Strong (2-0) threw 8 innings allowing 4 runs ending the 4 game slide. Strong had 10 strike outs giving him a total of 19 over 25 innings of work. Corp made the most of 8 hits driving in 7 runs without the use of a Home Run. Next up is an away 3 game Series against a 5-7 USoB team. USoB is a divisional rival so lets hope we can set them back 3 more games. More to come Thanks for listening. Maine Yank

jazzrack 01-03-2014 09:08 PM

and I finally got the time for a quick sit-down with the corporate league representative

First I know I speak for the whole of Corporate League Baseball when I thank you for agreeing to take on the extra responsibility of representing us in the Grand Championship League. As was expected you have represented us with skill and class and we could not ask for more. We know you are well qualified with a win/loss record of 748-350. that’s a .681 winning percentage in the Corporate League for those without a calculator handy, and if memory serves it’s 6 division titles & 3 CLB Championships. So the question is. Is the CLB that easy or has it properly prepared you for playing with some of the best players of the game?


To start with thank you for having me represent Corp in GCL and the KIND words. I would not say the CLB is that easy, just look at the one game playoff game we had with IBM this Season. And the Buzz are stinging our as --- I was saying I would not say it is easy. CLB has given me the prep I need to compete in the GCL having to win Championships against some of the best GMs in OOTP.

What was your mindset/plan going into the Grand Championship League Draft? And how did that compare to the reality of the completed draft?


What I was thinking was get a team that was made up of Ground Ball Pitchers and a Defensive minded Infield and Outfield. One of the main components of our Offense was going to be Speed with some Power. As it turns out I got some of this accomplished lacking a bit in the GB Pitchers but I think our Defensively strong Outfield will make up for some of this. It is looking at this point that we are getting a good mix in our Offense.
What is you outlook for the squad? Strengths, weaknesses and uncertainties?


I am confident that we will show a strong presence in GCL. It may be tough in the division Corp landed in but with the proper tweaking we can make the Playoffs and hopefully WIN WIN WIN. The strengths are our ability to get on base and take extra bases when on them and that our Starters will go a good amount of innings per game pitched. Our Relief Squad looks to be an asset. We show a bit of weakness after our first 4 relievers therefore the more innings from our Starters the better. Another one of our weak spots I would say is getting the quick runs via Home Runs.
Who is your biggest divisional competition?


In my mind it would probably be OTBA. They seem to at this time have a good mix. This will be the team that when we play head to head will tell the story of who will win the Division. I also would not throw PATP out of this fight.
Do you have any constructive criticisms/suggestions for future GCL Leagues?


Not much to criticize here. If I had to pick one thing it would be the style of Draft. I would like to see something like a StatsLab style myself rather than the 3 Round per Draft Night Live Draft. Other than that GCL's League's Michael Branda and Brad Cook are doing a FANTASTIC job with this league.

jazzrack 01-24-2014 03:33 PM


Well Corp has 2 months down. We are heading into June with a 4th place 30-27 record leaving us 8 games back in the Standings. We are 2nd in Team BA with .268,3rd in Runs Scored with 269 and 6th OBP with .338. We go back and forth from 1st to 2nd in Stolen Bases and we now sit in 2nd with 66 which is 1 behind the leader. Our SS Herb Whitney is our most consistent player with an BA of .336 and 21 Stolen Bases. We have one of our players that seems to be finally showing his true colors and that would be LF Miguel Aguirre who struggled mightily the first month plus of the season. Aguirre hit .184 for April but hit .336 in May. This is a much needed bat if we are to compete. We also have a player LF/DH Ramon Gomez who hit at a .324 clip in April but struggled with .176 in May. Gomez I feel will be a game changer to the Corp's good for the remaining months of the season. 14 games out of our 27 loses have been by 2 or less runs. So the staff has kept us in the games. Donovan Boyd leads our staff with 6 wins. Jon Cates leads with an ERA of 3.14 and has thrown 3 complete games which is helping our pen's arms stay fresh. Cates also has 76 Ks to his credit and he also has a league leading WAR of 3.5. Our Closer Tim Gibson has converted 14 of 16 Save opportunities. Over all our Pen is doing a pretty good job and their ERA is starting to look better. We had to send down Lambert and Parker (Parker has been a disappointment so far). So over all the Corp could be doing better and I think will be doing better. Thanks for listening , Maine Yank

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