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Kirby Paquette 12-01-2019 05:48 AM

Ping: GMO: From Kirby Paquette
I would be very curious to have your thoughts (or anyone else) about Minor League Baseball Schedules.

I used to make a lot of 140 games schedules (or 76, or 68) for Minor Leagues in my game for 18 and 36 teams based on actual schedules.

Some were very challenging. I have adapted a schedule from the Eastern League (12 teams) for 18 teams. They were 14 X 4 and 28 X 3 Games series.

How about the PCL Schedules? They played 6 X 5, 20 X 4 and 10 X 3 games series.

There is a league, I forgot which one, they play only 5 games series (28 X).

gmo 12-15-2019 05:53 PM

Sorry for the delay - me chances to come around here have been very sparse lately.

I have not paid much explicit attention to structure on minor league schedules. My closest looks have been like when checking for a chance to go to a game in real life. The examples you cite sound familiar, like with lots of 4-game series and even 5-game.

So the usual what I call "baseball week" like MLB has of two series per period of Monday through Sunday becomes not really a thing. In cases like that offdays end up falling wherever instead of the typical Mon & Thu that dominates in MLB. But otherwise I build things pretty much how I normally would.

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