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BAMN!! Baseball 06-11-2019 11:29 AM

New Online League Forming!
Hey guys I am in the process of testing to create a new online league using FHM5 with standard rules. I am new to FHM but have been running sim leagues for over 20 years and currently run the successful PSHL using STHS simulator. We have a great core of GMs in PSHL already in place that will be also being part of the new FHM 5 league.

What I am looking for is more interested GMs that are looking to join a new league, it would also be nice to add some FHM experienced guys that have knowledge of bugs or problems we could face in the online mode. I will not launch without being completely prepared for all possible scenarios and that is what I am going through with my testing right now.

This will be a fast moving league as with the sim schedule I have planned out it will be 3-4 months of real time per in game year with sims taking place 3 times per week for 10 days of in game time per sim.

We use discord for league chat and the STHS side of my league is extremely active with some of those GMs being in my leagues for all 20 years. If you have interest in joining or in helping with testing and getting things set up let me know. You can also view my current STHS league website at http://www.premiersimhockey.com.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Scott Shafer - PSHL Commissioner


Schifty 06-11-2019 09:35 PM

Honestly, FHM 5 still overload to perform a proper sim league.... not easy for GM, about

- Importing stuff
- Updating Save
- Following the rules properly
- Often they send buggy line up with player in a line up but not in a roster, cause a sim crash....
- Buying a game at 45$....... when sths client is free
- Etc

OOTP had to work harder about how to perform a better league system.

They had to.....

- Exporting data in html files, readable for the GM
- Export/Import save from the game itself... avoiding any manipulation of a GM wasnt good in computer... etc
- Able to import a line up from any date. Means i did a mistake on a NHL line up from one of my GM, but wasnt able to re-import hes line up. He had to redo all the work put on it....

Still better than EHM released in 2015.... but a lot of improvement to do

The biggest + on FHM versus STHS.... STHS you had to create one by one any prospect. You cant have a **** load of player to scout etc.... The way you do in STHS 10day sim per day IRL 3x a weeks is ''doable'' but the engine of STHS about rerate player after a season is more efficient for NHL IRL sim.

Hank1974 06-26-2019 08:17 AM

The main issue with online leagues is that once you encounter injuries, the commish has to either manually adjust all lines, call-ups, etc, or allow the AI to reorg - which effectively wipes out all strategies and tactics the GM has configured.
Our online league quickly lost interest once we discovered this.
And as our commissioner, I didn't have the time to go through every single teams lines in order to make-up for the abundance of injuries that occurred every sim.

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