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Sebastian Palkowski 03-15-2016 06:04 AM

FHM 3 - Feature wish thread
We slowly turn to FHM 3 development so now is the time for us to collect wishes from the community (we already have a rough idea what we want to do and the survey helped tremendous but still it is very interesting for us to talk with you guys about possible additions to the game). So fire away!

Orioles1966 03-15-2016 06:57 AM

a.) schedule editor plus the ability to schedule neutral site games(OOTP doesn't have this function).

b.) larger fictional leagues

c.) more expansion teams

d.) custom playoffs

e.)move teams from one league too another/move teams to another division/conference in same league

f.) add fictional league(s) to real world NHL

g.) add real world NHL to custom world

beezer2434 03-15-2016 08:14 AM

A) ISS Draft Rankings
B) 2D View
C) Depth Charts
D) Prospect Rankings within Organization

Duranium 03-15-2016 08:19 AM


Originally Posted by beezer2434 (Post 3997605)
A) ISS Draft Rankings
C) Depth Charts
D) Prospect Rankings within Organization

100% must-haves for FHM3....no excuse if those features won´t be included :D

tward13 03-15-2016 08:20 AM

Report files that can be easily used by online leagues.

Hopefully the focus will be on improving the historical and current games before getting too deep into crazy fictional worlds.

beezer2434 03-15-2016 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Duranium (Post 3997607)
100% must-haves for FHM3....no excuse if those features won´t be included :D

I did the survey for FHM 3...i was excited to Hockeysfuture.com listed on the survey for which sites do you visit.

I think it would be neat to get a organizational prospect ranking like how it is on that website

handsome 03-15-2016 08:24 AM

Better trade engine and A.I. roster moves
...this is a must. A trade engine similar to EHM would make this game the best hockey sim on the market...easily!

johnnybourbon 03-15-2016 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by Orioles1966 (Post 3997582)
a.) schedule editor plus the ability to schedule neutral site games.
c.) more expansion teams
d.) custom playoffs
e.)move teams to another division/conference in same league


Originally Posted by beezer2434 (Post 3997605)
A) ISS Draft Rankings
C) Depth Charts
D) Prospect Rankings within Organization


aa)at least be able to customize how many times a team plays versus other divisions/conferences to weight the schedule the way you want it.

b)have ui trade picks during the draft. This could be an option for users that don't want it

cc)an option to contract the league

d) suspensions for fighting, ped/alcohol/drugs/etc

e) 1) input from owner during the season other than once a month, ie, fans like "Superstar", get him signed to an extension NOW
2) assistant gm, dude, we don't have anyone in the pipeline that can play LW. or suggest trades such as "i think Phaneuf could be had for a pick and Connor McDavid"
3) coaching staff - our third pairing sucks man, can you trade for Erhoff or Hamhius or something
4) scouting staff (during offseason - based on organization needs) so and so are available still, we should sign him. (during draft) different scouts suggesting next pick based on org needs or their next best available
5) minor league liaison - this dude is ready for the next level, yo
6) players - I've been playing with a Dtd injury and it's gotten worse
7) fans - we love "superstar", "our stadium sucks, can you remodel it?", "ticket prices suck", "detroit sucks"

f) sponsors of team (fictional companies are fine) to generate revenue - and set sponsored promo nights on schedule (ties in to HRR below)

g) separate pro and amateur scouting departments. maybe just hire scouting directors instead of/in addition to scouts

h) "shop a player" trade screen to more easily unload players for bags of pucks

i) 1) option to add a league-wide hockey related revenue to be revenue shared
2) base future salary caps on HRR as IRL

j) make rebuilding teams much more aggressive in acquiring prospects and draft picks, not just at trade deadline.

k) fix europe/russian draft picks rights expiring issues

l) players publicly/privately demanding trades/ promotion to big club/ more ice time/ being sick of sitting in the press box

m) minor league injury rehab assignments

n) 1) user pick all star teams and format
2) user pick award winners

o) PTOs and training camp invitees

p) fix offered extensions counting against available fa money bug

q) 1) better in-game penalization (instigator, misconduct, unsportmanlike, delay of game happening in defensive times of duress)
2) maybe even having line brawls/multiple combatants/goalie fights in the rough and tumble era

r) easy way to backup/restore from within game

s) be able to play full league structure in years other than current

t) be able to change minor league affiliations - have contractual agreements with minor league teams

u) have an advertising budget in financials

v) 1) add more home screen widgets options! --playoff scoring leaders team/league
2) customize standings widget on home screen

w) have an ice-condition modifier for late in periods, hot/humid weather teams, stadium age, if there's a basketball affiliate/ concert sharing the stadium, etc

x) playoff matchup comparison screen, head to head stats, positional comparison

y) indicators/ notifications when teams clinch playoff spots/ home ice

z) logo editor

RoPa 03-15-2016 10:20 AM

Be able to add a rival pro league like the WHA was.
The NHL needs some competition for it's players.

scuffleball 03-15-2016 12:47 PM

Would love the ability to add a fictional league(s) to the real world.

TNIRISHFAN 03-15-2016 02:50 PM

Off the top of my head:
1. Better online league support
a. the ability to download league files from in game
b. the ability to generate league reports in HTML
c. The ability to see gameplay summary(play by play) so that you have a better idea who is playing well and who is playing terrible and/or a way to watch a game replay.
d.(Edit I thought of another one) Would love to be able to hire and fire staff in game.
2. Better coaching AI, I've never seen a goalie replaced that was playing terrible for example.

pens66 03-15-2016 03:28 PM

I'll keep it short:
a) MUCH more customization options in all three game modes.
b) MAJOR improvements for fisticuffs.
and (because it really bugs me to see the same stupid stuff from 2,5 years ago)
c) finally fix (or, if you like that better: improve) the sorting on the various screens!!!

scootermojo 03-15-2016 04:21 PM

I know not all of these or even any of these may make it or anyone else may care....but it is a suggestion post so here it goes:

1) Tracking goals/assists/point/win/shutout streaks
2) Tallying of single playoff round totals (goals for/against by both teams, player stats for both teams in single playoff rounds)
3) Ability to limit the number of leagues we can use like OOTP does (in my case, I could care less about other leagues for the NHL is the only one I prefer)
4) Better expansion options
5) More options to edit league structure, move teams, add and subtract divisions....basically how OOTP does it
6) PLEASE.....make the game much better at who it gives awards to (specifically the Selke and Conn Smythe)
7) Game notes the player game number and team game number when a player records their 50th goal and 100th point like the NHL Guide & Record Book does.
8) Better options for exporting data....more date to export
9) Ability to have people make mods for this game and data exports like some of the fantastic mods that are made for OOTP (I may be wrong or perhaps it's a lack of interest but I really didn't see any mods for this game other than uni's and logo's)
10) Player player development in both fictional and historical replay. By historical replay I'm particularly talking about when the replay catches up to the present and sims in the future. I tried many times to have a high scoring era like the 80's but despite putting the average goals per game over 7 it just seemed to spread the goals evenly....I was lucky to get even 3 or 4 100 point scorers that usually topped out at 110 points at the most while goalies would have league leading goals against averages of just under 3.00 or around 3.00 and save percentages in the low .900's. Something was amiss, obviously, with that. If the goalie numbers were that high then surely there should've been a plethora of 100 point scorers in the 130 point range.....on FHM2 it seemed impossible no matter what I did unless I edited players individually.
11) More fluctuation or the ability to add fluctuation randomly in goals per game per team league wide while simming similar to what OOTP does. I'd like another Dead Puck Era or high scoring 80's to happen randomly for several years here and there instead of having to do it myself.

That's all I can think of for now off the top of my head quickly. Regardless, I'll be eagerly awaiting FHM3 despite whatever options are added or not. Best of luck on the development, guys.....will be looking forward to it in the Fall.

ike121212 03-15-2016 04:26 PM

I'll start with some basic things that your big brother has. You have so many leagues that almost no one players, but so little ability to configure things. Just from Global and AI settings:

Trade AI Settings
Trade Difficulty
Trade Preference

These should have been in v1.

No option to turn off the system
No scouting accuracy setting

I've voiced my frustration with scouting many times. Bugs aside, the system still needs a lot of work. Even then, I still expect these basic options.

Player Rating Scales
Actual, Potential, Overall Rating, Potential Rating
Show Rating > Max
Show Potential < Actual
Display all ratings relative to a league
Overall Ratings based on AI eval, not pure ratings

Simple, but meaningful. One of the problem with the default system is that most of the players look incredibly similar, until drilling down into their individual profiles. Most NHL players are within a half-star of each other, which makes things less interesting and hurts immersion.

Player Development Settings
Talent Change Randomness

You have player peaks and aging speed, but talent change randomness would be a great things to add. Development is too certain right now, with no ability to touch it.

Coaching Staff Settings
Use complete coaching system
Enable Owner Goals

Too soon for goals, but enabling/disabling the coaching system should be an option.

Player Evaluation Settings
Ratings weights

Having some impact of how the AI views ratings vs stats should make the game eventually.

TEHLUDDITE 03-15-2016 05:07 PM

International play, especially World Championships/Olympics and World Junior (U-20 and U-18) Championships with the ability to be hired to coach/manage national teams. :drool:

jpsyr 03-15-2016 05:57 PM

My game suggestions..I only have a few

1. Any possibility for a player editor outside of the game?
2. Ability to adjust fighting frequency..Some of us like to see a a lot of fights no matter what era were in. Kind of like 1 fight possible to all out war setting, which would include Match penalty possibilities and suspensions. I like these kinds of options because I have to continually work with my roster through out the season because of suspensions and injuries
3. Goalie fights and penalties
4. Use custom teams in any league
5. Edit schedule and create schedules
6. Player coaching, mainly, tell a player what you want him doing. Play aggressive, non aggressive, nasty, checking, shooting or passing, start fights, get retribution, take a suspension to get even.

I guess I like my sim hockey rough

Parker27 03-15-2016 06:02 PM

- Training camp must be in.
- suspensions also.

Orioles1966 03-15-2016 06:41 PM

Have the option of having the WHA play beyond the 1978-79 season.

landru22 03-15-2016 07:25 PM

1)The ability to save boxscores and html output
2)More customization for fictional leagues (especially the schedule!)

Keep up the great work!!!!

Empach 03-15-2016 07:25 PM

I'd like to see significant work on trading and contracts. The ultimate goal should be to get those as realistic as possible.

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