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tysnkole6 12-02-2016 01:41 AM

Custom AFL jerseys
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So, I was playing around the last few days, and after being hooked on Arizona Fall League baseball (hard not to be being from AZ), I decided to make an attempt at making some custom jerseys. I wanted to make each team unique, so I used some varying jersey styles, as well as used some different manufacturer marks on all the jerseys as well. Some need to be fine tuned a bit, but eh. Here's my designs, beginning with the Glendale Desert Dogs.

tysnkole6 12-02-2016 01:42 AM

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Here is the Mesa Solar Sox (had to go with the tequila sunrise look with the logo being a rising/falling sun).

tysnkole6 12-02-2016 01:43 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Here's the Peoria Javelinas. Decided with the beach blanket 80's sox look because of the way the logo stretches.

tysnkole6 12-02-2016 01:45 AM

Salt River
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Here is the Salt River Rafters. Couldn't make a decision on what to do, so I chose to blend some yellow/gold with the rainbow shoulder look (I guess I wanted to use a semi-retro look, but yet stay along the lines of what some of Western Michigan's "row the boat" jerseys look like).

tysnkole6 12-02-2016 01:46 AM

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Here's the Scottsdale Scorpions. With a scorpion being a desert animal, and them being pretty lethal/deadly out here, I decided to go ahead and give them the snake skin pattern like the DBacks.

tysnkole6 12-02-2016 01:48 AM

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Last but not least, here is the Surprise Saguaros. I decided to keep them with a fairly basic look, but yet still different, so I did different colored sleeves, as well as some shoulder color being the same as well, give it more of an old school type sleeveless look versus the modern sleeveless look (may update, make the road makers mark darker).

crawdad5000 03-26-2017 07:26 PM

Nice!! Just in time for ootp 18!!

tysnkole6 04-23-2017 05:20 PM

I'm pretty obsessed with the AFL being from Arizona, and although I like how the players wear the parent team jerseys and a team hat, I felt like there needs to be something that makes the teams unique. I tried to go with what I felt was 6 of the top brands in baseball.

gbwitheyes 05-01-2017 11:22 AM

These are fantastic. Thank you for your effort and sharing.

tysnkole6 05-08-2017 03:54 AM


Originally Posted by gbwitheyes (Post 4191947)
These are fantastic. Thank you for your effort and sharing.

Anytime. I may continue on with an international project here in a bit, time permitting.

Clovidequano Dovatha 08-17-2018 11:33 AM

Could you take off the AFL logos on the sleeves for these, please? I'd like to be able to use them, if appropriate, for teams not necessarily in the Arizona Fall League, I think. Thanks in advance, if you would and do. CD out.

Clovidequano Dovatha 09-11-2019 12:20 PM

Bumping, in hopes that tysnkole6 will eventually see this and get back to this thread later and all, if and when he sees fit and all. CD out.

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