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Karen Lutz 03-17-2004 03:38 AM

Online League Server Policy.
#1 Don't give away your order IDs!!!!

Sometimes bad people will try to steal your ID, pretending they are starting a league on the OLS and needed the IDs as a proof of purchase.


So, if anybody wants to set up a new league on the OLS please use this procedure:

Everybody who wants to set up a league on the OLS please ask your team owners to send their full name and their order ID directly to Andreas' email account andreas@ootpdevelopments.com. Let the mail's subject be something like "Order ID for XY" (where xy is the league's abbreviation).

You'll find your order ID in the receipt.txt file in your OOTP folder. Don't send it to anybody else but Andreas!

#2 Regarding any change of commissioners

If there is any change in commissioners for a league on the OLS, report the change to Andreas immediately! The commish listed for the league IS responsible for the league even if there is a change in commissioners. The league may continue on the OLS at the discretion of Andreas as long as you let him know, it isn't too much to ask for free space!

Attention commissioners: If you change the responsible commish, make it official! Give Andreas a note!

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