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Painmantle 06-13-2018 05:26 PM

Historical Simulation Baseball league (HSBL) has a very rare opening
This league currently uses OOTP18 and will convert to OOTP19 at the end of the current season,

Historical Simulation Baseball league (HSBL) has a very rare opening. Originally started in OOTP14 with Spritze DataBase Covering 1975-1999, then Rebooting with OOTP18 Using Historical Minors restarting in 1969 (Spritze Db became Obsolete for our purpose). In game date is May 26th, 1974. We sim Daily at 5pm EDT (4pm Fridays) One week of Game time during the Regular season (Varies in the Off Season) We typically turn a season over in 40-45 Real days.

This League uses:
Scouts (high)
Team Chemistry
Story lines
Modern Static Financial Base with 100mil Hard Cap
Historical Minors (Dynamically evolving)
Player Talent Randomness set to 150 (1-200 scale. 100 =Default)
Full Free Agency with 2012 CBA Compensation in effect.
Draft Picks ARE NOT a Tradable Commodity in this league.
You CAN Trade recently drafted Players however.
Full Stats+ Utility is in use:

If your Looking for a High Volume Social Network League This May not be a good fit for you.

If your Looking for a Mature League that will continue into the future for years of enjoyment, A league where Trading is a necessary evil not “Activity” Then this league is what you may be looking for.

I do Not Currently run a Team in the HSBL, I left the California Angels when the DH entered the League.

Currently due to a Death in the immediate Family the Cleveland Indians have become available. Please DM me if this league Interest you.


Painmantle 06-15-2018 11:16 AM

HSBL is currently full

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