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JeffR 02-22-2017 12:02 PM

Tactical System Changes (ver. 3.3.109 and later)
(I'm un-stickying the original version of the 3.3.109 update notes, but I'm going to leave the parts dealing with the goalie and tactical changes up in separate posts for easier reference. Here's the tactical stuff.)

The Tactical system has been modified to be a little more transparent:

-the "dots" scale for a player's effectiveness in a tactical role has been replaced by a numerical 1-5 rating; these still show the same information as before (although the scale for that was adjusted a bit so the extreme ends are used more)
-the first number shown for a player's tactical effectiveness is the actual number of points he's contributing to his team's tactical score, which may be limited by things like the line he's on (the contribution of lower lines is capped relative to the top ones) or whether or not he's in a secondary role; the second number is the theoretical maximum he could have in that role if he were subject to no such limitations
-the total tactical score for each tactic is now displayed at the top of the strategy screen; this (after modification for countering roles) is compared to the corresponding tactical score of the opponent (i.e. offensive vs. defensive, PP vs PK, etc.) to determine who has the tactical advantage in that situation - since you're now seeing a numerical score it should be a lot easier to understand (and change) the exact situation, e.g. getting the advantage back for your team or at least reducing the opponent's advantage
-the larger the difference between each team's scores, the larger the performance bonuses and penalties on the advantaged/disadvantaged team; the display colours the numbers to show the degree of advantage: green, yellow, orange, red from smallest to largest (the actual advantages are +1 to one player rating, determined by the tactic, +1 to 2 ratings, +1 to 3 ratings, and then at the maximum "red" level, +2 to all 3 of those ratings.)
-opponent's roles/tactical scores are now visible, at least to the extent that they're known - if the AI has the coaching advantage and is making choices after you, they may be inaccurate/incomplete relative to his final choices (the coaching advantage indicator is now visible on the strategy screen only, since that's where it's directly relevant. RIP little dude with a crown.)
-the mechanism for determining tactical advantage and its extent changed to use the "dots" totals directly (instead of the previous system which stopped a step earlier and just used raw internal numbers) - so the numbers you see on the screen are an accurate representation of what's being used in the internal calculations
-the four tactical advantage situations (each teams Offense vs Defense and PP vs PK) are now shown in detail on the in-game screen, with the exact scores of each team (including adjustments for momentum and countering roles), so you can now see exactly where you have advantages/disadvantages, and by how much.
-momentum has been modified to consider the most recent events more heavily
-The AI (including AI assistant for human teams) should no longer be able to select invalid tactical roles (i.e., that don't meet role requirements for its tactic.)

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