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coljesep 02-14-2015 12:33 PM

PaTP - Grand Championship Preview
The following preview was written by the PaTP team representative.

Play at the Plate is a fictional modern sim. Winners of each season choose a historical player to place in the next year's draft as an amateur at the start of his career. Another key feature of our leagues is that team finances are kept relatively close, with gate sales being the only variable. We've been simming for over two years and have completed 11 seasons (now in 2023), getting through about 5 seasons a calendar year.

League Website: ootppatp.com

You can check out the PaTP team by visiting: Home Page

Line up Vs. RHP

1 L António Córdova 3B
2 R Iván Guillén DH
3 L Thaddeus Edrada 2B; Jim Groves for D
4 R Jerry Gibson RF
5 R Matt Axworthy SS
6 L Mark Brown LF
7 R Joe Sackett CF
8 R Jake Pérez/Don Denis 1B Denis for D
9 S Chad Morgan C

1 R Matt Axworthy SS
2 L Mark Brown LF
3 R Joe Sackett CF
4 L Thaddeus Edrada 3B
5 R Jerry Gibson RF
6 R Jake Pérez 1B; Denis for D
7 S Chad Morgan C; Brandon Mann will alternate
8 R Iván Guillén DH
9 R Darrell Tate 2B; Jim Groves for D

Projected Rotation & Bullpen
R Jonah Tatum
R Jorge Díaz
R Jorge Garza
R Cisco Vargas
L Mike Schmidt

Middle Reliever R Dewey Morris
Middle Reliever R Bob Chandler
Middle Reliever L Dave Washington
Middle Reliever R Juan Martínez

Setup Reliever L Jason Smith
Setup Reliever L Juan Cordero

Closer R Frank Bragdon

5 Keys to Winning:

1. Jorge Garza and Jorge Díaz need to limit the walks.

2. Our Catchers are not highly rated for defensive skills so they need to call a good game, throw out a few runners, and put together some offense.

3. Darrell Tate had what might be called a breakout year last season. We need him to play at least as well and/or take the next step.

4. Analyze our team and our opponents for Strengths and Weaknesses and manage accordingly.

5. Luck. The teams are likely to very close in talent so the clutch hit/pitch may decide a good many of the games.

6. Enjoy the ride wherever it takes us.

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