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mh2365 08-05-2006 10:20 AM

Guide to setting up a new universe
Now before I start this let's remember two things

1) I owe alot of my ideas and my universe to Cubedrum .. who helped me figure out scheduling years ago


2) this is just how I would do it, it doesn't mean it's the right way or the only way .. just trying to give new guys a place to start

For me I use two other things with the TBCB game (I'm using TBCB2 for this and the latest database)

I use a spreadsheet (I use quattro pro but excel works just as good) and a randomizer which the link is below.


mh2365 08-05-2006 10:23 AM

Okay first thing I would do is to go into the options screen - goto databases - type in a name for a new database and hit create new ...

For this universe I'm only gonna use welterweights so I'll just call the new db WW ... this will create a new db from the original db (or the one we just got)

Once you type it in it will shut down the game, when you reopen it your new database should be loaded.

this database has 3013 fighters in the "men" group - 308 welterweights

mh2365 08-05-2006 10:35 AM

My first step is to go back into options and set up my universe

game options - I like 10 fights to make top 10 list and 15 to be ranked

Databases - the "set all fighters to cs adjust" button, this is a tricky one esp. if you plan on using current fighters. This will set all fighters to active, mark their cs adj button on the ratings page and they will then be subjected to aging and career stages. The problem is that it will also set everyone to Prime using inverted formulas for fighters not currently rated at prime. I makes for some outlandish ratings and you would be required to adjust alot of fighters.

I use historical so it doesn't effect me, I am hoping it is fixed by the time I come even close to current guys. If you want to start one using current fighters and not do this, then you would have to manually check the cs adj button on all the fighters you use and rerate them yourself on how you feel they would have been at prime.

For this example I'm going to start with WW in the 70's so I'm hitting the cs adj button in the options. once you hit the button you have to type in yes to confirm it then it takes it a few minutes to do all it has to do. It popped back up and said it adjusted like 1500 fighters, now all fighters are active and their cs adjust button is checked

mh2365 08-05-2006 10:43 AM

Now onto aging.

On the aging screen in the options.

We are going to work out how many fights we want our fighters to have. Lets say a good range is 40-100 total fights. So let's break that down to

5-10 at beginning
10-20 at pre-prime
15-40 at prime
5-20 at post
5-10 at end

So if a fighter draws the lowest random # each time he's finish with 40 fights.

Next work your way from the top of the page to the bottom. Check mark the two boxes at the top first automatic aging and always inform.

Then it's important to do this in the right steps click the activate aging for all fighters button first, then the calculate.

it will check mark the auto aging button for each fighter ... the calculate isn't that important because when you move a fighter into your universe and change him to beginner it will set a random # for him anyways.

No you are ready to start picking your fighters for your universe

so I type in the #'s on this screen. Also with this set up the earliest a guy could be prime is after 15 fights were they would be ranked already.

mh2365 08-05-2006 10:53 AM

My next step would be to go to the groups and create a few new groups which will host your active universe fighters ... the men group will house the fighters that will eventually come into your universe.

The way I do it I have 4 groups

TC's - for tomato cans I downloaded from cornerwork ( I keep them seperate because I don't keep track of them at all, they are there for record padding)

Beginners - this is where everyone starts, the only fight TC's until they automatically age to pre-prime.

Club - this is where the beginners go when they hit pre-prime, this is also for veterans who aren't that good. My rule is anytime a main division fighter drops 5 loses below .500 (10-15-2, 7-12, 5-10-3 and so on) he drops to the club division. He can make it back to main by evening out his record (16-16-2, 13-13, 10-10-3 and so on). The new guys stay here until their 15th fight (not until they turn prime but until they are ranked).

Main - this is where all the fighters want to be. This is the only group that figures into my rankings and the only group that can fight for a world title.

So now that I have made my groups time to get my first few fighters.

mh2365 08-05-2006 11:05 AM

Okay first thing is to get some TC's from cornerwork.com

for my purpose I'm downloading Sal's WW TC's at the bottom of this page


mh2365 08-05-2006 11:09 AM

Download and extract it to somewhere you'll remember then import the fighters. These imported fighters have a group name of Tomato_Cans, so to make things easier I changed the name of my tc group to Tomato_Cans. Now all 160 are in that group.

So that takes care of my TC's

mh2365 08-05-2006 11:18 AM

Next we are going to get the fighters that will be the first ones in your universe. For this one I am going to start with all the fighters who debuted in the 1960's using a whole decade just to get a larger group of fighters to start off with.

At the end of my first year I would start importing fighters who started in 1970.

Who you choose and how many weight classes are up to you. I'm using a small scale just as an example. I sort the fighters by career start date and then work my way down to the 1960's .... I check mark all the guys who have a career start date from 1960-1969 (30 total) then hit the menu and change their group to beginner.

Now I have my fighters who will start my universe. Looks like Gypsy Joe Harris is the class of the group so far. Now I go fighter to fighter and change their career stage to beginning.

mh2365 08-05-2006 11:20 AM

Okay so I have to take a break now. Be back in a couple of hours to set up my spreadsheet, and start scheduling. Feel free to ask any questions.

franklin_1 08-05-2006 12:09 PM

Do you ever attempt to run more than one division or do you just limit yourself to one?

mh2365 08-05-2006 12:56 PM

No I'm only doing one division for this example, I run every division in my LBA universe down in "Inside the Ropes"

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:04 PM

Okay, spreadsheet .. this is mainly for scheduling purposes.

I set up a spreadsheet for beginners, club and main.

Only putting a few fighters on here for the example, I put their drawing power because I use that in setting up fight cards and their rating also.

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:11 PM

Now the way I schedule beginners -

They have a 40% chance of fighting. So the first month everyone of the 30 have a 40% chance of fighting. So I use the randomizer I posted above and generate 30 #'s between 1-100. All fighters who get 40 or below fight. Each month they are off their chance of fighting goes up 10%. If they are off 3 consectutive months the automatically fight in the 4th month, unless they are out for a fight result.

Say 14 of them are scheduled to fight then I use the auto scheduler to randomly schedule them against TC's. I make sure I use the year of random fight date and month of random fight date, so the first set of fights would be 1970 and the month 1.

After running the fights I record the results on the sheet and x off months that they are out.

1 month for the first cut or knockdown
1 month for each two after that (counted seperately)
2 months for a KO this includes one knockdown
2 months for TKO add in cuts or kd's

Most months a fighter can be out (for me) is 4. So say a fighter gets cut once and kd but goes the distance - he is out 1 month for the cut and 1 month for the kd.

more examples
kd twice goes the distance - off 1 month
kd 3 times goes the distance - off two months
kd 3 times cut once - off 3 months
kd once, gets ko'd - 2 months
kd once, gets tko'd - 3 months

and so on. So once the month is marked I would go to the next month. Now later on, like in my main universe, after the beginners are done I move onto main and club fighters.

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:16 PM

after first month - ingnore the question mark

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:22 PM

now eventually you'll have a club and main spreadsheet also ... I started color coding mine so at quick glance I knew what stage a fighter is in

for this example

pink - fighter is at end
orange - post prime
black - prime
green - pre-prime

U - less than 15 fights
P - more than 15 fights
R - post prime
E - end
up - moved up to main
fight - if a fighter is off 3 months in a row, then he automatically fights the 4th month, unless he is out the 4th month because of a fight result

columns before their names
light blue - record for the previous year
red - overall record
purple - total fights

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:25 PM

Now scheduling once they are out of beginner stage.

Pre-prime fighters I still schedule the same. 40% chance of fighting, goes up 10% each month.

Prime, post and end fighters slow down their schedule and only have a 25% chance to fight. It also goes up 10% each month and they also can't go 4 months without fighting unless it's because of a fight result.

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:27 PM

Now once I get all the fighters scheduled to fight, I scope out opponents for them.

Pre-prime fighters who are unranked and end fighters have a 60% chance of fighting TC's

pre-prime fighters who are ranked (more than 15 fights) and post prime fighters have a 50% chance of fighting TC's.

I then run the auto scheduler for all of those who are fighting TC's, run and record all those fights.

Then the remaining fighters left are the ones who will go on fight cards.

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:30 PM

The thing to remember here is scheduling is entirely up to you, this is just how I do it.

At this point I schedule all the championship fights. I pick the highest ranked fighter scheduled to fight. He has to have not lost his last fight also. It usually ends up as a top 20 fighter.

The rest of the fighters are then scheduled as follows

They all have a 50% chance of fighting the closest rated fighter. So once that is decided I match them up. The ones who don't have to fight the closest, get to fight the easiest. So if the top rated fighter I have left is a 7 and the lowest is a 1 he gets that fight.

I combine the draw power of the two fighters and that's how I decide who fights where on the fight card.

mh2365 08-05-2006 01:31 PM

At this point I'm not sure what else to cover. So Just ask questions and I'll cover the rest that way. I'm off to mow the yard and relax by the pool for a while so I'll be back in a couple of hours to answer questions.

Tosti 08-05-2006 02:08 PM

Good effort.

The hangover can't be that bad:)

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