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DaximusPrimus 12-22-2018 09:47 PM

2045 - The Canadian Hockey League (CHL)
This thread will be a season-by-season account of the Canadian Hockey League.

Started in 2045 the Canadian Hockey League was formed following the collapse of the NHL. The 8 Canadian teams remaining from the NHL (Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets) came together at an emergency meeting on June 29th, 1945 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario to devise a plan to save hockey in Canada. Among representatives of these teams at the meeting were representatives from all amateur, major junior and junior teams from across Canada. Together they devised a plan to start a 32 team professional league, a 32 team minor league and a 36 team major junior league. They agreed that to remain financially stable the leagues and teams would support each other through profit sharing and focus on player development as well as being financially stable. They decided that the league would have a 3 point system, a starting salary cap of $80,000,000 CAD and an initial draft to determine full rosters.

Thus the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), Canadian Minor Hockey League (CMHL) and Canadian Junior Hockey Association (CJHA) were born.


Stay tuned for more news from CHL Central.

DaximusPrimus 12-23-2018 12:17 AM

2045/46 Season
2045 Offseason
- The initial CHL Draft has been completed with 27 year old center Keith McLean from Taber, Alberta going first overall to the Calgary Flames.
- Some minor deals have been completed but nothing of note.

2045/46 Season Preview
Preseason favourites Regina Royals, Kitchener Rangers and Burnaby Winter Club appear to be the front runners for the Stanley Cup, with the Victoria Islanders capable of making a push.

Calgary Flames ,C, Keith McLean, Fraser Valley Aeros, C, Jean-Michelle Piche and Victoria Islanders, C, Ilya Katko are the front runners for the scoring race.

Windsor Spitfires defencemen Marc-Olivier Cloutier, Kitchener Rangers dman Tim McAllen and Vancouver Canuck's Adam Wharton are considered the front runners for the leagues top defencemen.

Among goalies, Regina's Alex Printz, Kamloops Caribou's Dana Dube and Winnipeg's Matt Smith are the challengers for top Goalie in the league.

Mid-Season Trade Deadline Report

Tangerino 12-23-2018 01:04 PM

this looks cool!, would you possibly be able to upload a quickstart of this? I would love to play this league

DaximusPrimus 12-26-2018 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by Tangerino (Post 4408898)
this looks cool!, would you possibly be able to upload a quickstart of this? I would love to play this league

Absolutely. Just have a few more tweaks I want to iron out before I release it. It also has a full farm system and 36 team junior league.

BigBlimbis 08-01-2019 03:23 PM

Have you made the quickstart?

number1alien 08-24-2019 04:17 AM

I desperately want this to happen in real life.

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