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Catchthedamnball 11-17-2019 12:26 PM

The In-Game Screenshot Tool Doesn't Work on the Pack Opening Screen
Whenever I open some packs and pull a nice card, I'd like to memorialize the pull by taking a screenshot. I hear the screenshot's sound effect, and the popup comes up saying 'screenshot taken,' but in that popup there's no link to open the screenshot in its folder like with other in-game screenshots, and when I check the screenshot folder in the game files, the screenshot isn't there.

Are my screenshots on the pack opening screen routed elsewhere? Or is this a bug and the screenshot doesn't actually get taken?

chazzycat 11-18-2019 02:39 PM

I also have this problem.

I'm able to take screenshots elsewhere in the game, no problem. I can use F12 or the snipping tool in Windows, both work fine.

But specifically for pack openings, I am completely unable to screenshot that screen. If I use F12, it takes a screenshot of my home screen instead of the pack I just opened. If I use snipping tool, it snips a plain black background.

Markus Heinsohn 11-19-2019 03:32 AM

We'll try to fix this in the next patch.... for now I suggest using a free tool like Irfanview.

Markus Heinsohn 11-19-2019 06:44 AM

OK, the next patch fixes this :)

chazzycat 11-20-2019 12:28 PM

Thank you! Can confirm it's fixed for me.

chazzycat 12-04-2019 11:55 AM

It seems my issue is happening again in the current build.

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