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bagman428 05-16-2019 06:23 PM

Question on Game (If anyone knows)
Will the game allow you to play older seasons? I am really hoping for this. Im not crazy about going into future using fake players would prefer to replay seasons of past going back as far as 1972 maybe or even earlier.... anyone know?

tklem321 05-17-2019 11:08 PM

I doubt it will in the first release but anything's possible. Given that the baseball game and hockey game both have full historical support it's a good bet that FOF will too at some point.

Sam_15 05-19-2019 02:29 PM

I'm pretty sure I remember seeing them say that it is planned for the future but highly unlikely in v1. In football moreso than baseball and hockey, rule changes over the years have changed the game so, so much. It would be difficult to program that into a stable, functioning game.

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