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Tume 01-20-2020 02:07 PM

Shortlist - Doesn't work if you're unemployed?
Hello guys!

We usually play with my friends game called as "Are You Next Gretzky?"

We create new players and followed their careers until they retire. I noticed that I can't create player shortlist where I will add those AYNG-players if I don't control any teams.

So, can we have Manager own Shortlist under "Manage" so it will bring with me even I get fired or anything? Like every manager own black notebook.

- Tume

DrunkenTeddy 01-20-2020 02:17 PM

I've also noticed you can't see ratings of players when you're unemployed, even with fog of war off.

JeffR 01-21-2020 02:45 AM

I'll check, but I think there may be some complications with allowing shortlists to be used while unemployed - I think they're associated with the team, rather than the individual GM, but maybe that can be changed.

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