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Afroduck 05-11-2018 08:52 AM

Historical Draft Glitch
Don't know if this has ever been mentioned but I started a game in 1999 and quick simmed through first season to get to the Expansion Draft where I took over the Minnesota Wild.

2000 draft seemed fine, but 2001 the Draft Order was Columbus, NYR, Minnesota. Instead it went NYR NYR Minnesota. I just thought the Jackets were stupid and traded their pick but,

2002 the Draft Order was the same CBJ, NYR, MW instead it went NYR NYR San Jose. So me and Columbus lost our first round picks. I went and forced a trade for the Rangers pick and it ended up giving me both the 1rst and 2nd overall picks.

Decided to start a new game and just quick sim through and see if this problem continued and again 2000 draft seemed fine, but 2001 draft Atlanta had 1rst overall instead it was given to Boston.

Went through and simmed one more season and this time 2002 draft seemed ok so I have no clue what's going on.

JeffR 05-11-2018 09:31 PM

Yeah, someone mentioned something similar about a week ago. My first thought was that it might be running the draft lottery in years it shouldn't, but it seems to be something else, possibly expansion-related. Still investigating.

Afroduck 05-19-2018 02:06 AM

I may be wrong, but it does seem to be Draft Lottery related. If You save it at June 30 and sim to July 1 you can get different results sometimes with the glitch and sometimes not.

JeffR 05-19-2018 03:02 AM

That seems to be part of it, but there's something else going on as well that's effectively reassigning picks from one team to another. It seems to be part of the lottery process, but why it's happening I'm not sure - it doesn't do that in the modern game.

mohns89 05-04-2019 04:20 PM

Similar Issue
I noticed a similar issue... I started my league in 1998.

In 2002 I noticed Florida had the 4th and 6th overall pick and went to their trade offer screen to see whose pick they traded for but they only had theirs. And they took someone with their own pick which was fine, they draft Joe Pavelski with the pick that wasn't theirs and he ended up being a UFA the following summer (2003).

I documented the standings at the end of the 2002-2003 season and the draft order....
Standings were

23 Los Angeles
24 Ottawa
25 Atlanta
26 Carolina
27 Florida
28 Phoenix
29 Calgary
30 Columbus

The draft order went

Carolina (extra pick)
Los Angeles

Ottawa's pick vanished (to Carolina - even though it wasn't there and in the trade screen Ottawa had their own pick) and Columbus got the 30th pick (definitely not suppose to happen)

Any updates to fix this?

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