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SpyPirates 08-10-2017 05:52 PM

Promotion/Demotion and Morale
I'd like the devs to look at how morale changes for players who are on the fringes of the big leagues and minor leagues. I'll list the different issues I've run into, from most to least severe:

- when making a trade for a minor leaguer and trading away a guy on your roster, the minor leaguer automatically joins your active roster, even if he isnt ready for the big leagues. The problem is that even if he was perfectly content being in the minor leagues before, his morale goes down ~2 full notches when you put him in your minor league system. So basically his situation didnt actually change other than being on a new team, but he's mad because you "demoted" him, even though you never meant to have him on ur active roster.

- similarly, if a low ranked, young player, especially one with "no expectations", is called up to the big leagues to fill in for an injury, it should be abundantly clear to him that he is just a stopgap and his morale shouldn't go down drastically when you put him back to the minors after your starter recovers.

- morale should more closely align to player expectations in general. "No expectations" should mean no expectations, and morale shouldnt go to very unhappy/angry because he's in the minors

- i found one issue that was quite confusing when my 4.5 star veteran with a middle of the lineup expectation told me he was being treated as a role player and also bizarrely said the rest of the team wasnt being used properly. I wasnt sure how to take this, as he was my #2 hitter at DH (he was a poor fielder). I moved him to #5 and swapped him between 1B and LF and it seemed to help, but then he changed his expectation to starting lineup, so hard to say what exactly made the difference. Just a little more clarity around this would have been useful.

- this is purely about the expectations trait-- maybe a little more tuning to account for a player's skill level. I'm seeing a lot of 1.5 star vets expecting to be in the startling lineup and a lot of 1-1.5 star prospects expecting to be in the majors. Seems unrealistic, especially when ur player should know you have better guys ahead of him, and this can ultimately hurt the player in free agency when he expects a big league contract so no one signs him and he just sits at home.

Anyway, im not sure how important morale is to development or performance, but i'm assuming it has at least some impact, and either way it's annoying that so many players get pissed off at me every year when i think i'm managing in a reasonable manner (highest skill starts, rest are backups i try to cycle in, minor league is all 1-1.5 star, and any 2 star+ Veteran backups i look to trade or rotate in frequently).

kyle_a_cameron 03-08-2019 02:43 PM

Iíll echo this comment. It would be nice if there was a DFA area so you didnít lose years of control when trading for prospects.

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