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Oakes 12-16-2019 07:12 PM

Major League Ready Draft Prospects?
Is this possible? I don't understand what Traditional OOTP Player Creation Modifiers are vs Sabermetric.

Bluenoser 12-16-2019 08:19 PM

Try this - http://manuals.ootpdevelopments.com/...vanced_players

Oakes 12-16-2019 10:49 PM

If I set everything to 2.5, then I have like 100 80-grade potentials and 3 40-grade overalls.

Can I crank up the overalls and turn down the potentials?

5 years into this 2.5 draft class and it has produced a 69 HR hitter and a .400 hitter. lol Not quite what I was aiming for

Syd Thrift 12-19-2019 05:10 PM

I don't have the screens in front of me but don't the "sabermetric" ratings cover stuff like pitcher stamina, position player zone/error ratings, and the like?

To the original question, yes, ML ready draft prospects do exist using the default modifiers but they're very, very rare. If you want more guys in the league ready to play from the draft onward, I would *not* recommend messing with the PCMs (which I think you generally just want to set once and either forget or just allow the game engine to make small tweaks to from one year to the next) but instead setting the player/pitcher aging modifiers. I have a 19th century league where I set the development for both pitchers and position players to 1.1 and aging to 0.9 and I do see guys coming in ready to play or requiring only a small amount of seasoning in the minors. Bear in mind that if you tweak this, it will also have the effect of there being more major league quality players in your universe, which will in turn cause the game to run more platoons, situationally rest players more, and all in all kind of "flatten" the league by having fewer instances where the really good players get to tee off on guys who don't belong there.

NoOne 12-20-2019 05:27 AM

you could raise the age minimum, but i wouldn't push it too high, if at all.

what's the reason? i don't ask to dissuade or ask why, but it can help with suggestions.

e.g. i think removing mil, reducing draft size and using reserve roster helps speed up development?

further thought..

if the settings don't give us the ability to accomplish this, you can manually create your draft class each year. when you creat them in bulk you can definitely impact the level of their development. i believe you can randomize age range, quality and other aspects? pick and choose type thing.

if you can't leave certain aspects random, or they aren't created in a proper proportion similar to a normal draft, you'd have to overcome those problems in some creative way.

defintiely don't do anything major to pcm's... 1.000 works well for that matter. certain contexts might warrant it -- like playing historical era long-term that won't advance to hitting 6000 home runs. you might want to tone down power so that the other ratings becomes more heavily weighted, relatively speaking. for how many those player hit, you wouldn't need the full spectrum for stratification.

Oakes 12-24-2019 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by NoOne (Post 4571008)
what's the reason? i don't ask to dissuade or ask why, but it can help with suggestions..

What I'd like to do is create a draft pool similar to something you'd see in the NFL. I want to remove HS players from the draft and delete the minor leagues.

I'm thinking a 3-4 round draft would be appropriate, this way there's enough players coming in to replace retirees, but not so many that last years late-rounders are cut before they have a chance to develop. Maybe I need to expand the rosters to 28-30? Idk, any suggestions?

I'd also like to create an independent league so the players who are cut or go undrafted have a (slim) path back.

Maybe I could create a college feeder league and adjust those PCMs?

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