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Nickphillies 10-14-2019 04:49 PM

What If Series(Flyers 1991)
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Something I wanted to start doing back with FHM 4, but never really got it going off the ground....

First one I'm doing is What if the Philadelphia Flyers did not trade for Eric Lindros and instead kept Peter Forsberg......Here Goes

kinnikuniverse 10-14-2019 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by Nickphillies (Post 4548059)
Something I wanted to start doing back with FHM 4, but never really got it going off the ground....

First one I'm doing is What if the Philadelphia Flyers did not trade for Eric Lindros and instead kept Peter Forsberg......Here Goes

does that mean that the rangers offer was accepted instead?

Nickphillies 10-14-2019 09:33 PM

Going as if QUE keeps him. Though I may try that one out as well. Not sure if Commissioner mode would let me force a trade

Nickphillies 10-14-2019 09:37 PM

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So we lost Brind'Amour for 3 Months in the 1st preseason game with a lacerated arm. Which left us with Pelle Eklund as our #1 Center. Finally managed to pawn off some of my excessive players to Detroit for a 12 Round pick so I could sign Mikael Renberg(1.5*) and Peter Forsberg(1*) at the end of the month.

So far we're doing alright for a team that was trash last year. 4-5-1 going into November is good enough for 4th in the Wales above the two NY Teams. Speaking of NY teams we blew the young Rangers up 10-4 in November.

Nickphillies 10-14-2019 09:41 PM

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Standings as of November 2, 1991

Nickphillies 10-16-2019 10:14 PM

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Mid December Update:

We've come crashing back to earth after a decent start to our season...Injuries and poor play saw us win just two games in November...Brind'Amour is almost back, but we got Tocchet back from his suspension and whiplash he got from his car crash. Then he fractured his hip and is out for six months. This season is not going to be fun.

Nickphillies 10-20-2019 11:13 PM

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Well that year was a disaster....we finished with the 2nd worst record in the League. We suffered some substantial injuries with Mark Howe(Torn Ankle Ligaments), Rod Brind'Amour(Lacerated Arm) and Rick Tocchet(Fractured hip) suffering serious injuries and missing serious time. Rookie Mikeal Renberg turned into a bright spot with 20 goals.

Pittsburgh Penguins defeated Calgary 4-2 to Win the 1991-92 Stanley Cup

Nickphillies 10-20-2019 11:48 PM

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Ed Snider wants us to be in the Playoff Race next year
Released a ton of 0.5 star players to free up contracts to sign FA.
4th Pick for the NHL Entry Draft
Tampa Bay and Ottawa are joining the NHL

Trade Traded Pelle Eklund 3*, Chris Simon 2* Prospect, 3rd and 5th to Chicago for 1st Round Pick(Alexei Yashin)

Nickphillies 10-22-2019 09:46 PM

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Prospect Report:

So with the trade of Eklund to Chicago and picking Alexei Yashin and going into the free agent market targeting Europeans the Philadelphia Flyers have the top prospect farm in the NHL. New Jersey being right on our heels is concerning in that they have the Top Defenseman(S.Neidermayer) and the Top Goalie(Martin Brodeur) in the league so just like in Real Life they will be a thorn in the Flyers side for years to come. Oh and they have Nikolai Khabibulin too........(but luckily besides Guerin and Rolston they have no offensive prospects

Nickphillies 10-22-2019 10:50 PM

Flyers Acquire John LeClair and Eric Desjardins
Just like in real life(Minus the Mark Recchi going to MTL...)



Well that's one way to debut

coatnoise 10-25-2019 12:39 AM

Nice work. Hope to read more.

Chicken Swede 10-25-2019 06:32 AM

Good stuff. I'll follow along.

I noticed that Poeschek broke the season PIM record by quite a bit. Gaetz was also busy to say the least. How many fights did they have?

Nickphillies 10-27-2019 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by Chicken Swede (Post 4551910)
Good stuff. I'll follow along.

I noticed that Poeschek broke the season PIM record by quite a bit. Gaetz was also busy to say the least. How many fights did they have?

Good catch, didn't even see that. Poeschek had 50 Fights(winning 33 of them) while Gaetz had 29 fights and won 16 of them

Nickphillies 10-27-2019 09:28 PM

1992-93 Season
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My main focus for this season was growing the youth. Forsberg, Yashin, Malakhov, Zhamnov, Renberg and Ozolinsh had excellent seasons while Sergei Gonchar had an excellent 2nd half of the season after a late season call up due to an Eric Desjardins injury. John LeClair-Rod Brind'Amour-Mikael Renberg line lead the team and I will be looking to this line for the near future(Forsberg should end up in that top spot.)

Ron Hextall and Tommy Soderstrom had alright seasons, I leaned on Hextall more as he led the league in minutes played.

PLAYOFFS: Penguins sweep the Detroit Red Wings for their 2nd straight Stanley Cup

Nickphillies 10-28-2019 01:22 PM

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1993-94 Offseason

League Changes: The Anaheim Mighty Ducks and Florida Panthers join the NHL which allowed the NHL to readjust the divisions. Ed Belfour(ANA) and John Vanbiesbrouck(FLA) were the major acquisitions for the new teams.
FLA and ANA had horrible 1st NHL Drafts though as they both REACHED, allowed Kimmo Timonen to fall to us at #7.

Flyers News:

Signed Roger Neilson as Head Coach
Rod Brind'Amour agrees to a 3 year deal.
Rod Brind'Amour is named Captain with John LeClair and Peter Forsberg being named Alternate.

Pretty quiet offseason. Training Camp had a lot of growth with our youth. Center depth is insane, Alexei Yashin has been moved to Left Wing(17) so 2nd Line projects to be Yashin-Forsberg-Johnson.

Nickphillies 10-28-2019 02:05 PM

Penguins are Nuts
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16 Games into the 1993-94 season and the Penguins are blitzing the league. Here are some screen caps of their insane numbers

Nickphillies 10-28-2019 04:53 PM

Trade Deadline Report
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We're having our first successful season under my tenure as General Manager. Flyers are starting to transition into a Contender position in the NHL and that was apparent when we traded our 1st and 2nd in this upcoming draft plus prospect Igor Korolev(1.5/2.5) to Vancouver for Pavel Bure(3/4)/ The Canucks were floundering towards the bottom of the Pacific Division and we were hovering around 3rd in the Atlantic. The deal has paid off well for both teams as the Canucks have had a resurgence and overtaken Edmonton and Los Angeles for 2nd in the Pacific, with Korolev scoring 6 goals and adding 6 assists.

We've had a lot of scoring and peaked at #2 for GF, behind those pesky Penguins....Forsberg has developed into a 3.5 Player, Zhamnov is now a LW and usually on a line with Yashin. Renberg has been our goal scorer and was on pace for 50 in 50 at the 28 game mark before an injury knocked him out for 3 weeks. LeClair hasn't been scoring at the same clip as last season, but he is leading the team with 44 assists. Flyers have six 20+ goal scorers with Brind'Amour knocking on that door with 16. Rookie Kenny Jonsson has been a welcoming addition to our blueline and has been very solid.

As far as transactions besides the Bure deal, we've been quiet. We did negotiate extensions to Hextall, Forsberg, Desjardins, and Greg Johnson for multiple years.

Nickphillies 10-28-2019 05:00 PM

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Flyers scoring @ Trade Deadline

Nickphillies 10-28-2019 07:53 PM

End of 93-94 Season
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We're going back to the Playoffs, after missing the playoffs for four straight seasons. We finished up strong, going 5-1 in April to secure a playoff spot and a date with the Buffalo Sabres

Chicken Swede 10-29-2019 09:40 AM

How did Forsberg place in the Calder-race a season ago? Could you post the awards also after each season?

I'm enjoying this.

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