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One Great Matrix 10-02-2019 07:27 AM

In the Year 2045...
In this season I was placed in a division with bonaldi taylor's Bobcats & I finished in 2nd place at 102-60. I think they finished 24-30 Games ahead of me so 126-133 wins. 133 sounds about right, they were pretty unbeatable...and ....not sure if they finished the job but did make it to the World Series after beating the New York Flyers 3 games out of 4 in a boring divisional series.

The one game I won wasn't, didn't strike me as anything special. I had some ideas about how to beat them in a 5-game series after a 3-game home regular season series went 38 total innings & they won every time in last inning heroics, figured maybe a player or two would change things as I had 170,000 PP but ...I really couldn't figure a way to fit any new guys in in a whole 8-9 hours filled with no clarity of vision so we went in with the same team and lost game 1 in extras, game 2 were spanked, won! game 3, and would you believe it lost game 4, series over

One Great Matrix 10-08-2019 08:42 PM

2046 Results
Placed in a division with Milkbone Underwear we went neck-and-neck all season...never more than 6 games separating us & at least 7 swaps of 1st place all to end...in an exact tie....both we and they finished 95-67.

The tie-breaker game was at their place & even went into extra-innings. We took the lead...ermm….I forget the details for now. They won it in the bottom half of their inning ...actually may have been the 9th, but believe it WAS the 11th or 13th and I believe I put a run up in the top half of the inning and blew it in the bottom half. For sure it came down to the wire after coming down to the wire.

Any way I had to go the wild card route in 2046. Faced the 116-46 Fighting Ahabs. Was able to win that game with some timely hitting and a great performance by Sandy Koufax.

The Seoul Canaries were my opponent in the LDS. I won the first game easily but lost two close battles & got downright outplayed another time in games 2,3, & 4 of the series. A 3-1 victory for the Canaries and the end of the Flyers' 2046 season.

One Great Matrix 10-13-2019 05:35 PM

In 2047, I was placed in the same division as the San Antonio Cotton Rats for at least the 2nd, maybe 3rd, maybe 4th time...I think I came as close as ever to not finishing behind them. There were three 100-win teams in the division.

Cotton Rats won 110. Flyers won 103. Isotopes won 103.

PLAYOFFS: First I had to beat the Isotopes who beat me 13 out of 19 games in the regular season. So they had homefield for the wild card game. We won the game, 3-1, Bob Gibson pitched masterfully as he did all season.

Next up were the Louisville Colonels, who, to my surprise, I was able to beat 5 out of 7 times in the regular season including a 4-game sweep in our first ever match-up. I didn't think that it would be an easy series by any means but this little thought in my head that I was all too pleased with my regular season performance against them I figured...was probably nonsense & I proved in reality I could at least compete with them in the series.

Well, I did... But both teams kind of forgot to bring their bats. We totalled 24 hits for the series. They totalled 19 hits for the series.

Game 1 was 2-0 Flyers & we scored both runs in the first two innings, none after that. I would end up scoring more runs in those first two innings than in the next 34 innings of the series combined.

Game 2 was 4-0 Louisville Colonels as Walter Johnson shut down our offense.

Game 3 was 2-1 Colonels in a close one at The Joint. Bob Gibson was downright dominant for us but going into the 9th tied 1-1 (Schilling wasn't bad for the Colonels, neither), my virtual interpreter decided I wanted Halladay in to pitch, lol....He was pretty great all season but...he gave up a run in the top of the 9th, and we lost the game and were down in the series, Two to One.

Game 4 was a 1-0 final in Louisville's favor at our place. For some reason, I decided neither Seaver on short rest nor Santana was qualified to make this start and brought Dwight Gooden out of the bullpen to start...well, that didn't turn out to be such a bad idea as he pitched 5 laborious but ALMOST scoreless innings (gave up 1 run) & Mathewson and Rivera followed with 2 scoreless IP each of their own...However, despite this practical dominance, we were unable to plate a single run in game 4 & that was all she wrote.

The culmative score for the series was like a halftime score of a football game: 7-3 Louisville.

I wasn't supposed to compete this week, & in a way I didn't but I couldn't help sort of playing manager when the team on auto-pilot (and with a little more funk than usual) did just as good if not better as when I'm over-managing (which is regular managing for me)...

so sometimes all is well even that doesn't end well.

One Great Matrix 10-21-2019 04:37 PM

Swept in divisional series 3-0. 2nd series loss to York Yard Dawgz.

106-56 regular season.
Tied for best yet.

One Great Matrix 10-31-2019 06:01 PM

Had a pretty good week, 98-64 in a division where that was good for THIRD PLACE> I think we finished 127-34 (B Team), 117-54 (H.B. Cube), 98-64 (Flyers), & had the 3 best records in the conference. If this wasn't Perfects, I might wonder if that's a record for the top 3 teams in a division's total wins but there's probably been some division by now where the top 3 teams averaged even more than 114 wins? That's a healthy average for 3 teams in a single division, though... Then postseason lost wild card game 6-9 to H.B. Cube. 17 PL Playoffs now with 11 division titles & 7 100-win seasons. Not so much as a LCS appearance at top level still, though. Well...maybe 2 or 3.

One Great Matrix 11-03-2019 08:36 PM

2050 Season Summary
April - 9-15
May - 21-5
June - 17-11
July - 18-7
August - 17-10
Sept./Oct. - 22-10

104-58 regular season overall (58-23 Home / 46-35 Road)

Lost LDS to Johnstown Johnnies

vs. Johnstown W, 5-3
vs. Johnstown W, 4-3
@ Johnstown L, 3-7
@ Johnstown L, 2-4
vs. Johnstown L, 0-5

Maybe next year.

One Great Matrix 11-03-2019 09:46 PM

Scumbags win
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2050 PL406 Series goes to Seoul Scumbags, 4-0 over Novato Condors

One Great Matrix 11-04-2019 05:34 AM

Seaver Pitcher of the Year
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And this the last bulletin board memento from the 2050 season.

One Great Matrix 11-10-2019 09:15 PM

2051 Playoffs
New York Flyers 5 @ Louisiana Legion 4
New York Flyers 8 @ Louisiana Legion 4
Louisiana Legion 3 @ New York Flyers 8

Portland Mainiacs 2 @ New York Flyers 4
Portland Mainiacs 2 @ New York Flyers 7
New York Flyers 1 @ Portland Mainiacss 4
New York Flyers 9 @ Portland Mainiacs 3
New York Flyers 5 @ Portland Mainiacs 4

Perfect Series:
New York Flyers 4 @ H.B. Cube 5
New York Flyers 4 @ H.B. Cube 8
H.B. Cube 6 @ New York Flyers 4
H.B. Cube 12 @ New York Flyers 6

This was the season of the switch-hitter. Probably 85% of all of my at-bats were taken from the right (or left) side of the plate. The effect it had was hard to describe. I scored slightly less runs... hit for a slightly higher team BA... Had significantly less HRs than usual, had significantly more SBs than usual even without Rickey Henderson terrorizing batteries out there...apparently switch-hitters are rather fleet afoot on the whole... but also managed to make first Perfect Leagues series in franchise history, other factors aside... and started off very well, for whatever reason...winning 21 of first 26 games. My overall winning % was a bit down from recent seasons.

I don't know.

One Great Matrix 11-14-2019 06:39 AM

2052 Half-way Report
Lost on opening day 10-0. That set the tone for a opening month where I'd go 10-16. This was the worst month I've had in quite some time.

We're in the same division as a rather good team, the Moline Maroons...115-122 wins a season for them I believe so that opening month almost screamed "maybe the wild card"...

Fared significantly better on day/month two...I believe we went 16-11 in May and were 26-27 after 2 months.

Then came June...June was the 3rd month, I believe, possibly the 4th in which I lost 6 games or fewer in franchise history, and I lost 3 of them on the last 3 days of the month...(interesting my next best months are like 9 losses)...in fact I had a franchise-best 17-game winning streak and maybe for the first time (in a Perfect League) was ranked #1 on the weekly power rankings for a week...I got two gold achievements during this time...one for the streak itself (4000 PP) and one for a 25-2 drubbing. (3000 PP)...the 23W-6L day overall I guess? put me right back in the playoff picture and the Maroons aren't IMPOSSIBLE to catch...but it will take a whole lot of winning & luck to avoid the Play-In game this season. Probably more luck & winning than it'd take the other kind of luck & losing to avoid the play-in game the OTHER way...by failing to finish as a top 2 non-first place team.

Starting to feel a little better, I must say I was kind of out of it last week and the start of this week.

I get pretty tired sometimes, but amazing how much baseball fare I can tolerate happily.

Logged a lot of hours on Perfect Team.

One Great Matrix 11-17-2019 03:14 AM

2052 end of regular season update
We managed 49-32 after a 10-16 start (39-16) so you figure we were on the right track and a second half with at least 49 wins was a slam dunk... BUT ...this is baseball. So despite following up a 22-6 June with a 18-5 July (67-37 overall after 104 games), WE PLAYED .500 THE REST OF THE SEASON...SAME TEAM THAT HAD JUST WENT 40-11 and won a game by 40 runs! ...:confused:

This season's playoffs starts with a 1-game playoff vs. Mizzou. The winner gets to try to beat Moline 3 times out of 5. I'm not going beyond that right now...but maybe that 40-11 squad will re-appear for these...playoffs.

One Great Matrix 11-17-2019 01:50 PM

2052 end of season & postseason random notes
After finishing 96-66, we played the Mizzou YakAnglers in the WC Game. Had to overcome a less-than-stellar start by Vida Blue (3 IP, 5 R) to win the game 8-7.

Next up: Moline Maroons, who are probably going to win their 7th or so Perfect title later today...of course it won't be easy but they are a pretty good team. I just gave away the ending to the series...Anyway, here's how the Flyers lost in the postseason this year:

Game 1: Nice little comeback job in the 8th & 9th innings to steal game 1, 7-5. Seaver pitched 7 very nice innings and the bullpen barely did their job. The offense looked good so I decided to change it a little for game 2...:laugh:

What followed can right now only be described as a sad...sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad series of events.

In Game 2, the Flyers took a 4-2 lead into the Bottom of the 8th inning at Moline's Field of Dreams, rather close to taking a 2-0 lead in the series...However, the Maroons would score 1 run in each the 8th & 9th innings to send the game into extra innings & ultimately finally get to reliever Pedro Martinez (97 Expos) in the Bottom of the 11th to win 5-4.

Game 3 in NY went into extra innings tied 2-2 … the Maroons finally broke the tie in the Bottom of the 13th as they touched up Rivera, Bob Gibson & Pedro again to win it 3-2.

Game 4 in NY was started by Roy Halladay. We had one last chance to send it to a game 5 in Moline which Seaver was scheduled to start. Halladay pitched pretty mediocrely, giving up 4 runs in 5 innings. The score was 4-0 going into the 6th inning. We managed to score 3 runs in the 6th & 7th innings but 4-3 would be the final.

These close ones are tougher sometimes than the ones where you get flat beat. Plus we're up to something like 17? playoff appearances in PL now with just the one Series appearance last season & no titles.

But I'm starting to get over it already I suppose. Aww, shucks, you know? Even though the series was mighty close, they won it.

Lemandria 11-17-2019 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by One Great Matrix (Post 4561345)
These close ones are tougher sometimes than the ones where you get flat beat.

Yup, know how that feels. Take us out with a 12-run Home Run Derby, not a weak bloop single down the 3B line.

One Great Matrix 11-17-2019 03:44 PM

Only holds true when you feel the underdog, though, for me. If I'm the favorite, I don't want to get clobbered...by the underdog...so I guess in a way it was just a reality check...stop & look at our rosters...Maybe I should even be proud in that sense.

One Great Matrix 11-18-2019 05:52 AM

Got nice PP income from 2052 season. Mostly because of 7-8 gold achievements that usually amount to 0-2... Those accounted for more than half of about 37K on the week. Hmm. Guess I'll just wait & see what the 2053 league looks like.

One Great Matrix 11-22-2019 08:08 PM

2053 Friday Night/Late August Report
First of all, our overall record is 78-47 which is rather consistent with our records from the past 10 or so seasons/weeks now.

We're leading the division but we had to go something like 34-9 in the last 2 months to get there.. Up to that point we were in 2nd place and under-achieving a bit based on our Pyth. projection.

Here are some totals & conference ranks:

Batting average .273 (4th)
On-Base .359 (2nd)
Runs 669 (2nd)
Hits 1170 (4th)
Extra-Base Hits 374 (4th)
HR 156 (2nd)
BB 555 (2nd)
SB 156 (2nd)

ERA 3.29 (3rd)
Runs allowed 438 (3rd)
Hits allowed 1014 (4th)
Avg. allowed .238 (3rd)
BABIP .306 (10th)
Ks 1145 (1st)
DEF .683 (8th)
ZR -10.6 (10th)

As usual, there's some stiff competition in P.433 but of note in particular are the Colorado Lions at 106-19 (.848) managed by purgewin. This team is in my conference but not in my division.

One Great Matrix 11-23-2019 09:02 PM

10 games left in the season and the New York Flyers & the...err, BS Louisville Colonels...(to differentiate them from Orcin's team) are tied with 94-58 records. One series @LOU between now & the conclusion of the regular season.

One Great Matrix 11-24-2019 01:47 AM

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Originally Posted by One Great Matrix (Post 4563753)
10 games left in the season and the New York Flyers & the...err, BS Louisville Colonels...(to differentiate them from Orcin's team) are tied with 94-58 records. One series @LOU between now & the conclusion of the regular season.

7-3 overall, 3-1 in the 4-game series against the Colonels


One Great Matrix 11-24-2019 10:38 AM

2053 Postseason
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Today's tournament tree, with regular season wins:

One Great Matrix 11-24-2019 03:19 PM

12th Postseason exit in a row
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Family Feud Style

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