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One Great Matrix 07-17-2019 10:00 PM

40-32 after 72 games in 2035... June All-Star break.

One Great Matrix 07-18-2019 09:57 PM

I had 2 burgers & a chicken sandwich. Just now...
The New York Flyers are 59-46 after 105 games.
Robin Yount has started some games at SS for them now.
So far, he is hitting .230 and grounding into double plays.
Good night, y'all.

One Great Matrix 07-19-2019 11:20 PM

Standings update
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Here's how things stand in our 18-team league...teams with a red mark next to them are in the same division. So are teams without a red mark next to them.:laugh:

One Great Matrix 07-20-2019 04:51 AM

Flyers are 81-59 going into Saturday's sims. We are comfortable out of 1st place...about 18-24 GB but comfortably close to clinching a Wild Card spot. I'm thinking the wild cards might get to play in a best of 5 because if there is a best-of-1 round with Wild cards it would leave 3 teams....so it'll probably be 2 sets of best of 5s...seeing if I can add maybe another player or 2 before the playoffs or just figure out what I believe to be the ideal 25-man + arrangement for the playoffs...even though that's not guaranteed yet it's worth trying to take advantage of the 18-team league this season I figure. Hehe.

One Great Matrix 07-20-2019 02:49 PM

Flyers clinch 1st Wild Card in franchise history
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The Flyers are 87-62 and officially in the postseason. I may just go hibernate now.

One Great Matrix 07-21-2019 11:16 PM

2035 Divisional Series
Flyers @ Seagulls (Season series: 12-12)

New York Flyers 0, Salisbury Seagulls 4
New York Flyers 5, Salisbury Seagulls 6
Salisbury Seagulls 2, New York Flyers 6
Salisbury Seagulls 1, New York Flyers 4
New York Flyers 9, Salisbury Seagulls 7

League Championship Series
Flyers @ Direwolves (Season series: 7-14)

New York Flyers 6, Winterfell Direwolves 7
New York Flyers 3, Winterfell Direwolves 6
Winterfell Direwolves 5, New York Flyers 0
Winterfell Direwolves 1, New York Flyers 0

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 07:34 AM

The Flyers are planning on having a semi-experimental season...
We acquired enough cards to hopefully be semi-competitive even without our very best in. I would like to rotate a lot of players in, some of them for short stints & just see how they do for 1 series or ...6 (18 games), hey if a guy performs well, I might leave him in there until it's clear it was an aberration... This could make up for me not having my best lineup in every game.

The general thought with averages is it is bound to hurt our bottom line come W-L for the season since the average player in is going to be of slightly lesser quality at some spots at some times but I believe it will help keep the boxscores, some of the stats, & many of the outcomes :D and my engagement with the interface more interesting.

I find sometimes I get stuck on what my win % is during the regular season. This will keep me busy doing something else.

Maybe the Flyers updates will be a little less kinda dull as well.

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 09:04 AM

If all goes as planned (it probably won't), the team will continue to operate with its competitive core but have "Special Guests" every 3-18 games or 1-6 series.

They will be from a group of 139 or so cards I've set aside for this purpose. So...at MOST the Flyers could end up playing about 35 semi-regulars + 139 of these special guests for a total of 174 different players with appearances in 162 games.

That is a very unlikely scenario but I could well end up using over 100 cards.

To start the season off, the special guests will be:

Yogi Berra C
Reggie Jackson & Darryl Strawberry RF
Bullet Joe Rogan P/DH?
Jeff Bagwell 1B

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 10:09 AM

Projected Opening Day Starting Lineup @ Ferretville Fighting Ferrets (N. Ryan PEAK) (the Weasels?)

Clemente, JR. CF
J. Robinson 2B
Bagwell 1B
Strawberry RF
Gehrig DH
G. Brett 3B
J. Mauer C
Joe Jackson LF
Robin Yount SS
Dwight Gooden, 1984 P

Wonder if we can get an OPENING DAY win against PEAK Nolan Ryan & this projected lineup:

R. Henderson CF
A-Rod 3B
Yelich RF
Bellinger DH
W. Mays LF
Campanella C
J. Robinson 2B
N. Arenado 1B
Scott Rolen SS

Tough assignment...First pitch in 12:30...last not much longer after that. :-)

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 10:44 AM

Opening Day a Success
4-1 Flyers on Opening Day (see previous post.)

Clemente Solo HR in 9th
Gooden 8 innings, 4 H, 11 K, 1 ER
Robinson a hit & a couple of runs.
Bagwell a couple of RBI

Scott Rolen a solo HR for the Fighting Ferrets

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 12:27 PM

Guest Room UPDATE #1
Here I will re-cap the performances of the cards I swap in every 3-18 games... I let Berra, Strawberry, Reggie Jackson & Bullet Joe Rogan go 4 games.
Jeff Bagwell received an extended stay for a solid performance at 1st. Berra received an extended stay because he's a great catcher even though his number (OVR) is lower than my primary catchers.

Strawberry was 0-for-12 and struck out 8 times.
Reggie Jackson had a key hit in a close victory, a double.
Bullet Joe Rogan did not get to take the mound, fortunately or un.
Jeff Bagwell hit slightly under .200 but had a solid approach and like Reggie had 2 key RBI.

This round's guests are Charlie F Berry (Catcher), George Foster LF, & Jeff Reardon (RP).

I might as well note in this post as well that we won 3 out of 4 from the Fighting Ferrets. They gave me fits a few seasons ago. This series was certainly not, as you can tell by looking at the opening day lineups, easy to win.

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 01:12 PM

It's only April 5th, 2036 but it occurred to me the P406 2036 will be a dramatic? affair. We've got Expos, Flyers, Ferrets, Amazins, Graduate Students, a Wolfpack, Scrubs, Huskies, Corn, Blues, more Blues, Mud Hens, Cowboys!, a Thundering Herd, & Buccaneers here in the West.

And in the East? El Torros!, Angels!, Knights!, Grizzlies, err...a squad that calls themselves the LumberKings, Silver Back Gorillas, Incredible Charlotte Biscuits that you have to witness to believe, a Posse from Jenkintown, Damagers, Swords, BATTLIN' F'N BONSAI**!, A revolutionary from Jersey!, ...LYNX, DRAGONS...AND...Boilermakers.

And I think ssometthing like twice as many championships as teams in the same group of 30.

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 03:20 PM

Guest Room #2
So...2nd set of subs did not work as well as the 1st.

Despite not really good raw numbers from the 1st set they contributed.

Charlie F Berry caught a fine game but I believe he took an o-fer.
George Foster did not provide any explosiveness with his bat in very limited action. Maybe I should have given him more than 4 games but I have...that...that...priority this season to play many, regardless.

Jeff Reardon came on and pitched OK? But did end up allowing a "walk-off sacrifice fly" in his lone appearance despite recording 5 outs and being clean otherwise.


2B/PH Kazuo Matsui
Reliever Wander Suero
C Darren Daulton. Pretty much a 'stud' but normally Mauer & Carter take care of catching duties.
RF Tony Gwynn. See above. (His 69 OVR card, that must somehow overlook great hitting.)

And the Flyers?

TOTAL: 4-4.

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 06:11 PM

Guest Room 3
Sso I'm still swappin' but I'm gonna have to figure out how to pace it and work within sort of the confines of the 25-man roster. Anyway,

While Kazuo Matsui, Tony Gwynn & Wander Suero were active the Flyers snuck 5 wins in 5 games in...& I mean it, these were not 12-1 victories.

Kazuo Matsui naturally accounted for 1 run in the game he played.Drew a walk, made it around.

Tony Gwynn was just an ordinary single in seven ABs out there.

And Suero did not get pressed into action.

So no heroics but I'm not sure if I want to take them out until the team...ahh, forget it, next super-subs are due in.

Actually just one for now.

Bobby Knoop 2B (Angels)

One Great Matrix 07-22-2019 11:23 PM

So Bobby Knoop hit .300 while he was in there.
Tex Carleton had 2 good outings but one pretty bad one.

And Suero, Kaz, & Gwynn might've been good luck or something after all.

Team abruptly went from 9-4 to 10-11 after taking them out … of course the season is young, and the next super sub up is Joe Nuxhall SP (Reds).

One Great Matrix 07-23-2019 12:54 AM

Nuxhall is starting the next game. Adrian Gonzalez got in for a pair of games I think. He was not able to collect a hit. 3B Vinny Castilla will be getting a start as well.

By my count they will be the 45th and 46th Flyers to take the field in 2036.

...Nice way to end the day.
Nuxhall went 6 innings giving up 3 ER for the win & Vinny Castilla homered. Flyers beat Ryan again, 6-4; a 14-12 month.

One Great Matrix 07-23-2019 11:58 AM

The Flyers are hitting .213 after 30 games. 0-4 to start today, (14-16 overall), I might've played a couple more players...yes, I believe Greinke saw his first action...Sewell (SS) is up next...I thought I had him up to play but I probably did it wrong and my regular started. He didn't hit. I wonder if I can get my BA up to .260 132 games from now...

One Great Matrix 07-23-2019 12:06 PM

I wonder if there is a time to be superstitious even in a statistics/ratings-based game like this. Sewell went 0-for-3 with a walk but we did get our first win of the day and I did have well, it wasn't a premonition or anything but I don't know if I want to move on from this lineup just yet.

In other news, Shoeless Joe Jackson is hitting .377 on the year. That's right we're 15-16 with one .377 hitter, a .215 team BA, & a collective sub that's being subbed in & out a little more frequently than I had planned made up of about 150 cards.

Sewell...:-), you ever get a card that you just think, "Yeah, I'll use that one." …("But you have better cards.") "Whatever, this is a good one."

Oh, and Mike Gallego is 2-for-6 in a couple of games.

One Great Matrix 07-23-2019 03:41 PM

More from the Guest Room
John Olerud made his debut...Albert Belle, Derek Jeter.

Jeter went 0-for-5.
Belle went 0-for-4 with a K.

Olerud's 2-for-8 with a couple RBI...

Somehow I got entangled in a conversation about whether actually I'm not even sure what the conversation is about exactly but involves the differences between the infield positions, playing 1B, playing 2B, playing 3B, & playing SS...I just pointed out that they are 4 different positions but then ended up arguing or something or at least was told I was arguing. lol

I almost wasn't going to wake up today, at least as early as I did...Anyway here I am.

One Great Matrix 07-23-2019 04:24 PM

Carlton Fisk will catch the series against the Montreal Expos.

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