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FHM6 Buld 6.0.25

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Posted 09-24-2019 at 06:35 PM by frogman210

Originally Posted by JeffR View Post

-historical challenges menu reorganized
-invalid database error should no longer happen when attempting to load a save from a converted FHM5 game
-fixed potential crash in late-starting historical games
-attendance bug fixed; looks like it's close to correct now, low but easily adjustable into the right range
-re-signed RFA's should now get their preferred number assigned correctly if available
-converted FHM5 saves should no longer double the salary amount in the finances screen
-fixed width of depth chart columns at wide resolutions
-the historical western league should now show the correct name (PCHA/WCHL/WHL) for the season currently being played
-left-clicking on a player name in the dressed list of the lines screen no longer opens both the player screen and the right-click menu
-teams that are active in the starting year of a historical save will now get their career leaders listed properly on the team-history screen
-exhibition mode should now set player roles correctly
-using AI Create Lines with a 14-skater roster (e.g. NHL in 1917-18) will no longer results in the "Not Enough Players to Create Lineup" warning despite the lineup being full
-the zone starts splits should be calculated properly
-generated players that have dual nationalities that speak the same language (e.g. Canada-US) will no longer get that lanugage listed twice, once as fluent and once as good
-player search screen will no longer show salary values in the GR/OGR/DGR columns
-user's selected reputation will no longer be reset when starting unemployed
-fixed the new historical challenges for Winnipeg, Colorado, NY Islanders and Quebec
-modern game playable teams that don't have trainers in the starting database should no longer start new games with the trainer slots filled by owners of various nonplayable teams
-playable that don't have a GM in the database will no longer start the game without a GM instead of having a fictional one generated
-user's GM will no longer start with a huge salary in some games
-fixed issue with old players displaying potentials higher than their ability
-lowered volume on the "Low" volume setting further
-the new check to automatically give a player a uniform number if one he's previously worn this season is available should work properly now
-the TOI column for goalies in the boxscores will no longer be cut off
-fan happiness penalty for trading a 1st-round pick will no longer be triggered by 1x round draft picks as well (10th, 11th, etc.)
-the spacebar can now be used as a shortcut to start/pause play in the in-game view again
-fixed trigger for storylines that should affect college-preference players only
-the -10 penalty for firing a head coach/GM with Living Legend reputation will no longer be triggered by lower-reputation staff as well
-fixed error in coach/GM firing chance that was making firings too rare
-adjusted display of rivalry game indicators
-many minor text and UI changes

There are no data changes from 6.0.23/24.

New/specific things we'd like tested/checked:

-convert and play a variety of FHM5 saves to confirm they load properly and don't behave unusually when being played - it's important that these saves actually get played and not just converted, we need to see if there's any odd behaviour with the default values that are added to database fields that didn't exist in 5
-check if new coach/GM firing chance changes haven't resulted in too many firings
-try new lines screen saving/locking features
-play new historical challenges, particularly the recently-fixed ones
-any remaining issues with lettering getting cut off with the new font
-still need multiplayer testing, even if you're doing it as one person with multiple teams
-try a variety of cross-league matchups in exhibition mode to verify if those are all OK now
Appears that using a tv as a monitor for this game causes big issues if it's not set at a specific resolution the game is looking for. Kt sure if this is planned or just how it is or if it's a bug but wanted to let you know in case it's an issue I dont ususlly use my TV as a monitor so this is the first time I am running into that
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